Thursday, December 24, 2015

Advantages of a fast-acting insulin for short-acting insulin.. A rise in the amount of insulin in the blood and the patient was a sharp drop in blood sugar

We have designed a fast-acting insulin to avoid the disadvantages of short-acting insulin which is characterized him following Palmhacn:
Fast-acting insulin ** mono coupon monomeric   Thus it is rapidly absorbed when injected under the skin and gives effect immediately. This means not to wait for the patient and a long time before eating (5 minutes) and this is no doubt it is comfortable for the patient, especially when he is invited out of the house. While short-acting insulin is a hexagonal coupon Hexameric   This requires, first broken down and converted into binary compound
and single coupon and then is absorbed, which means the need for more time for absorption of subcutaneously. This requires the patient after giving a short-acting insulin to wait for 30-45 minutes before eating.
The long waiting period and no doubt it is comfortable and therefore many patients prefer to use a fast-acting insulin for easy coordination between eating and drug injection. 
** For the effect of fast-acting insulin in the body is shorter (3-4 hours) compared to short-acting insulin (6-8 hours). This may be important in the event of irregular diabetic eating a meal. The short-acting insulin because of the length of effect in the body may lead to a sharp drop in blood sugar in late after a meal.
* Short-acting insulin may lead to the risk of a rise in the amount of insulin in the blood and may be accompanied by the possibility of the patient to a sharp drop in blood sugar and the resulting complications.