Monday, December 21, 2015

Black tea.. The impact of reduced blood sugar

Tea herbal plant Muammar user part thereof fresh tender leaves and black tea come from those securities. The Indians studied black tea on experimental animals and study proved that tea extract lowered blood sugar and hence the diabetics can eat a large amount of black tea. Plants Saudi native habitat.
Given his Department of Pharmacognosy and Research Center of medicinal and aromatic plants, toxic and Research Center in the College of Pharmacy, King Saud University, possess distinct both in terms of high-quality laboratory or outstanding academic competencies or rare devices that do not exist in any other scientific institution within the Kingdom.
In light of these capabilities and services excellence has Research distinct at various plants in the Kingdom of either medical or poison or aromatic has Dr. Jaber and his colleagues a comprehensive survey of all the plants that are believed to have a significant impact on blood sugar has been able to identify a large number of plants that gave good effect against diabetes and the results were published in international scientific journals.
The most important findings of Dr. Jaber separate chemical compound new first of its kind and never separated from any other plant is this compound is a new addition to the science of chemistry and also, this compound has an effect reduced the blood sugar has registered a patent this compound, USA was given name (Saudin) and then the one of the famous universities in the United States of America the construction of this compound chemically and reached the final version of the compound after ten years and published method of construction in the finest American magazines. The Dr. Jaber three published research in three different international scientific journals, as separated from the same plant 12 boats including one called Ricardan compound has the same effect as the Saudis. Since the composite Saudis have become praising We hope to God that utilized in the near future .
Saudi Arabia has given plants to the 12 plants excellent results against diabetes, but because the side effects is not complete her studies, we can not mentioned their names, fearing that misused especially that some of them considered toxic Abannataat.