Sunday, December 20, 2015

Change of appetite, nausea and evil lust foods, signs of pregnancy.. Body weight in all and go and arousal disorder shrug his body, anxiety, nausea and lust for exotic foods

Such as mud and other is what we currently know the symptoms friendly (customary Balouham) but Razi has not been explained caused and returned repeatedly mentioned both quoting from the words of the former doctors or saying (to me). Stated in (that longed bad foods and acidity and Heals color ...)., But we find it says (in the rope marks if not being menstrual menstruation In his time there was no chills and fever, but the width of her anguish and change lust and Vomiting and slag same has been suspended because anguish and Algthe and slag self displays Those mixtures poor in all the body, and that was also followed by fever and chills, and can be either in the mouth of the stomach and it displays for pregnant women in order to pregnancy damages the mouth of the stomach, albeit with high menstrual menstruation suddenly for no reason is a rope) and this, we find that Razi:
1 - Distinguish between symptoms caused by pathogens and symptoms of pregnancy
2 - the rationale for these symptoms occur, and this is the only male - albeit vague - that I found in the whole book specifying the reason, it is his opinion caused by gastric damage caused by pregnancy.
3 - says: (If ever his months three accompanied lust poor and weak taste and Algty), (if women feel heavily in all the body and go arousal disorder shrug his body, anxiety, nausea and lust for foods exotic shall submit to the midwife to seek cervical van was bound without hardness it denotes a rope). He says, citing Misosn from the book birth attendants (... then stopping menstruation and over breast and maximize the abdomen and moving the fetus and start desires evil in the second month, third and remain so to the fourth and fifth.) Pp. 97 and emphasizes through his clinical, is thus put a time true to the occurrence and persistence These symptoms. This indicates Note sufficiency including clinical mentioned his former doctors, as we find it emphasizes not only these symptoms but it is not necessary to conduct clinical examination to verify the clinical signs (join the mouth of the uterus).