Thursday, December 24, 2015

Congenital configuration.. Each mental illness or mental frequently in the formation of certain congenital

This is different configuration from one person to another, there is a person slim and fat Odhu configuration muscular Odhu configuration is not regular, was characterized by a person more than a recipe qualities at the same time, and there is a belief that all mental illness frequently in the formation of congenital particular, we believe that a person with a configuration Butterball tend to fun and be his diastolic, while the person slim be inclined to convergence and thus, has been observed that mad mania and depression frequently in the configuration Butterball, while hysteria and epilepsy Frequently in configuration muscular, while Alnjura_tania Found more are in the configuration slim, and we find schizophrenia as well as in the configuration slim irregular and, for each, we find that we are observing congenital configuration of the patient can be configured a general idea of his character, but should be an idea up for discussion, because any disease that can occur in any configuration.