Thursday, December 24, 2015

Contraindications drugs sulfonylureas.. Of type I diabetes. Failure and liver and kidney function. Allergic to sulfa compounds

** Patients with type I diabetes.
* Patients who suffer from failure and liver and kidney function.
** Allergies to sulfa compounds.
* Not recommended to use these drugs in nursing women or during pregnancy. And do not use these drugs during pregnancy not only because of these medications may cause birth defects of the embryos, but may not lead to a reduction in the level of sugar in the blood is the desired shape in pregnant women.In addition, these drugs can pass through the placenta.
This has caused a sharp drop in blood sugar when the fetus. And usually uses insulin to control the level of sugar in the blood during pregnancy being a naturally occurring hormone and safe and does not cause a congenital malformations of the fetus. 
* Patients who suffer from severe pressure.