Monday, December 21, 2015

Dermatitis.. Contact with skin for various materials. Mechanical irritation and malnutrition. Some infectious diseases and any materials that may cause allergic reactions

Arises from coming into contact with the skin of various animal and plant materials and chemicals The physical and mechanical irritation and malnutrition, and some diseases Any infectious material that could cause allergic reactions, or unknown cause. And symptoms Inflammation Include skin; itching, redness, scaling and the emergence of bubbles and water Rashwha and cracks, or other changes that appear on the skin. The most important forms Inflammation Skin; Inflammation Skin Allmas, is of two types;Inflammation Allmasa skin allergic inflammation Primary skin (irritability). The reasons Inflammation Skin many allergic Allmasa; animal Kalospab and plant and chemical and physical.
Arises atopic dermatitis reaction to substances called Palmthirat And that touches your skin. For people who are sensitive, these substances may cause them Itching, redness and a blisters and this is known as atopic dermatitis.