Thursday, December 24, 2015

Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus).. diabetes approved in insulin-treated and non-insulin-dependent

Is a disease characterized by high blood glucose levels and its presence in urine and multiple times frequent urination, hunger and thirst a lot, and as previously mentioned, one of the most important reasons for diabetes is the lack of the ratio between the hormone insulin and anti-insulin hormones.
There are two types of diabetes:
And abbreviated (IDDM):
Also called the first type of diabetes (TypeΙ) And usually occurs in the pre-30 - 40 years old, and diabetic of this kind is usually thin and blood insulin level is almost non-existent, and addresses only insulin injections, so-called (IDDM ), And this type can be genetically.
And abbreviated (NIDDM ):
The so-called type II diabetes (TypeП), Which Abasht of the first type, and usually occurs after the age of forty, and is characterized by a patient of this type of obesity, and there has insulin but does not produce a sufficient quantity of the pancreas not utilized because there is a shortage of insulin receptors in the tissue, and also there is resistance to insulin.
And usually handles disk reduced sugar in the blood, which helps insulin secretion on the pancreas.
And characterized by diabetes disorder in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein and loss of equilibrium between the water and salts, which affects the long-term (several years) on most of the members of the body, especially the nervous system, kidneys and eyes.