Sunday, December 20, 2015

Diabetes with pregnancy.. Maintained at a constant level and normal blood sugar during pregnancy

Intended pregnancy for women with diabetes or when they discover-diabetes during pregnancy does not end its end. There is no disagreement between gestational diabetes and this type of sugar in the extent of the risk to the mother and fetus and treatment methods.
Concentrated first goal for the treatment of gestational diabetes or diabetes to maintain a constant level and normal blood sugar during pregnancy.
It should be noted that insulin is the only drug to be used to adjust the level of sugar in pregnant women whether they are infected with type I or type II while avoiding sugar-lowering disks for the following reasons:
- Natural hormone insulin does not cause any birth defects to the fetus.
- Disks cause an increase in the secretion of the hormone insulin from the pancreas of the fetus and this lead to a reduction in fetal blood sugar level, especially immediately after birth, which may expose the fetus to hypoglycemia coma and death.
- CD-sugar-lowering can not reduce gestational diabetes.