Monday, July 3, 2023

Epilepsy.. Internal neurological disorder produces a disorder of the electrical signals in the brain cells


Is a neurological disorder result from internal disorder signals Electrical In brain cells.
The imbalance in the process Electrical Stroke Arises constitute what is known epileptic Balbarh which are infected and starts signal Alibdye and Taatamam full activity Electrolysis Cerebral The primary display combined all forms of epilepsy is loss of consciousness and has accompanied Cramps different according to the situation and months kinds is the largest epilepsy, where he spoke cramps Followed by fibrillation of all muscles of the body and in the second division have epilepsy younger When the kids are usually so patient loses consciousness for a short period and recovered quickly.
And epilepsy may have a preliminary (genetically or genetically) may be a secondary public response Of the brain The result of any significant or glitches endure.

A species and symptoms of epilepsy: 

There are two types of this disease: epilepsy (30% of cases) and epilepsy Partial (70% of cases ). 
Vaba partial reflected in a certain area of the brain and the symptoms changed According to the affected area and sometimes difficult to know it epileptic fit, and be bouts Partial epilepsy as simple or as complex as infected if they maintained contact with his surroundings or No. And can sometimes be transformed to an epileptic seizure where the storm begins Electricity in a certain area of the brain to spread thereafter in the rest of the brain, The following inventory of some of the symptoms depending on the type of epilepsy.