Monday, December 21, 2015

figs Nopal.. Reduced blood sugar and cholesterol as well as obesity

Herbaceous plant Muammar his cards disc large elongated thorns has yellow to orange flowers off big in size Alkmtherh oval in shape and has a sweet taste. This plant is spreading in most parts of the world and is famous for the Taif and Abha and cold regions in the Kingdom of the best kinds is the fruit of the favorite fruits and summer favorite. Scientifically known as Opuntia Ficus - indica .. the user part of the plant leaves, flowers and fruits.
It has been proved by laboratory studies that leaves figs reduced blood sugar and cholesterol as well as obesity. In a recent study worked on Alberhom stalks found that diabetic patients non-insulin-dependent and who Fasted for 12 hours when they ate feed plant stalks sugar have declined significantly increased their insulin. In another study on securities proved to improve the performance of insulin and was told that the leaves and stems of figs can be of great strength in the treatment of diabetes is insulin-dependent. There is a preparation of the Securities Alberhom sold in the markets are regulated. Oash.