Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to start unconscious defensive tricks.. Transfer of ideas and good works of the circle to circle the unconscious feeling

Begin the process of basic "repression" and possible to consider the process of repression in itself n gimmick defensive core, and possible that we consider part of the ploy other defense under,, The steps basic tricks defensive start to the conflict, this conflict is what creates the tension and anxiety, and then can not do human , he resorts to the so-called suppression. If repression is the process of unconscious, occur automatically, and where the transfer of ideas and goods from the circle feeling to circle the unconscious, from the Department of awareness to the Department of the unconscious, and where conflict resolution, and avoid the anxiety and tension, and can be considered the process forgetting to for ideas and conflicts, this forgetfulness originally accompanied by denial.
Example: If I felt Berguih in accompanying one of the girls, and declined to social or personal circumstances, this is not Kpta,
Because you realized that you want and controlled by, but if denied originally you want escorted, the abolition of the recognition of these desire and presence in Alchaour particular, permission repression is the process by which wiped ideas and impulses that hurt and grieve and frighten the individual, of feeling to the unconscious, meaning the process of denial feelings that seem harsh, and escape from the harsh reality.