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Inflammatory response Inflammatory Reaction.. Redness, pain, swelling and heat. Generate nerve impulses and thus pain sensation

Inflammatory response Inflammatory Reaction:

When what happened to scratching or small skin infection observed a series of changes known as the inflammatory response.
The region is characterized by inflamed four signs are: redness, pain, swelling and heat. The cells are derived from white blood cells basal one participating When corruption occurs in a specific location, shatter poetic vessel cells and the cells of other tissues editor substance curtains Knin that lead to the generation of nerve impulses and thus pain sensation.

release histamine:

And also cause stimulate cells to release histamine and cause histamine with curtains Knin to expand the capillaries and increase Alndouhah leads to leakage of protein and fluid, causing swelling region. And increasing temperature reduce the number of microbes attacking and increase Engorgement process and carried out by white blood cells.

stimulates migration leukocytes neutral:

Any scratch affects the skin allows the microbes to enter the body, as it stimulates migration leukocytes neutral to the site of injury, and moving cells Alentadelh movement amebic, where it can change shape in while passing through the walls of container poetic to the liquid tissue and the white blood neutrophil devour germs process engorgement .And shatter germs by enzymes, an analyst in Lysosomes (Allaasusumat) after their association with phagocytic vesicles.

cells omnivorous:

Specialize mononuclear cells to form large omnivorous cells that have the ability to devour hundreds of germs and viruses and survive. There are a number of tissues, especially connective tissue that contains cells omnivorous you devour older blood cells and parts of dead tissue and other debris.

editing of white blood cells neutral:

Moreover, the cells phagocytic ability to cause an increase in the number of white blood cells through the editing of the growth factor, which is transmitted with the blood to the bone marrow Red where stimulates the creation and editing of white blood cells neutral and leukocytes neutral mechanism with cells textile dead bacteria, dead cells white blood organisms make up the so-called pus which is a thick yellow liquid textures. And indicates the presence of pus that the body is trying to overcome the injury.