Thursday, December 24, 2015

Insulin preparations.. Harness the bacteria and the use of insulin genes

Was extracted first product of insulin from cows and then from pigs through separation of Langerhans cells and cause insulin protein content of these animals after slaughter. Then followed by purification of insulin extracted from cattle, pigs and packaged for human use. He succeeded insulin extracted from these animals is still in reducing the level of sugar in the blood when the likely number of patients. But extracting insulin from the pancreas of animals has resulted in difficulties not only in terms of securing adequate amount of insulin to meet the increasing need of it, but also with regard to the side effects of insulin extracted from animals. For many patients because of the presence of impurities of animal protein in the insulin extracted from animals and which is different from a protein found in human.
It has become many patients are unable to afford insulin derived from animal source, as well as have formed for this insulin resistance. 
In 1980, because of advances in technology were making insulin similar to human insulin for the first time by harnessing the bacteria and the use of insulin gene called human insulin. The advantage of this type of insulin that are less likely to cause side effects because it contains protein Ghraib (all human beings have exactly the same insulin and therefore it is not seen as a foreign protein). And depends on the way to draw the humanitarian heritage and inserted into bacteria and then make a number of ways to deceive this heritage to make the bacteria use on a regular basis to make insulin. At present there are many bacteria are making large amounts of human insulin is purified and filled out on a large scale. This type of insulin is one of the most commonly used species in the present time. Insulin is a hormone naturally does not happen congenital malformations of the embryos and thus is appropriate and safe medication for use during pregnancy to control the level of sugar in the blood.
Insulin can not be taken by mouth as the gastric juices you Petkserh and lead to ineffective. Although there are many research and attempts are underway to search for convenient ways to give insulin, but that subcutaneous injection is still the best way and the only one to give the insulin at the present time.
The timing depends give insulin injections on a number of factors:
** For the effect of insulin (no insulin on multiple forms effect include rapid, short, medium and long term).
* The amount and type of food (eating raises the level of glucose in the blood, while alcohol reduces the level of sugar in the blood).
** Rate of physical activity, which his person (sports reduces the level of glucose in the blood).
There insulin preparations at present three forms:
** Bottles (glass) Vials
** Injection prior packaging pre-filled syringes
** Cartridge Cartridge
Cartridge ** Used in pens to facilitate the process of insulin injections.
One of the most important types of insulin commonly used at the present time genetically modified insulinrecombinant insulin , Insulin to Aspreu, and insulin Aspart, and insulin Gelargen. At present rarely use insulin derived from animal source such as beef and pork.