Monday, December 21, 2015

Jakas neurolaena lobata.. Anti-toxins, fungi and bacteria and Central American residents say that he fully heals from sugar

Is a small herbaceous plant known scientifically as neurolaena lobata In 1989 wrote a doctor from Florida to the doctor Walter Mertz, director of the Department of Agriculture, USA Human Nutrition Research Center in Beltsville Beltsviie, Maryland facility sample from the plant Jakas and told him a n one patients sugar in his clinic have used this herb I brought from the island of Trinidad and they have a disease of type II diabetes and was taking insulin even used this plant which was used soaked twice a day and no longer used insulin and continued to use it six months and is now in good health and has sugar in its natural state and still use this plant. He asked Dr. Walter definition of the plant and what materials contained in this plant and after analyzing the plant turns out that it contains the following chemicals: Sescuterban to Aktonz where separation of eight compounds of this group was most notably Naorlanin "1" and-Enyorollenen "2" and of Germrquenolajd_ "3.6" The property also contains thymol derivatives, flavonoids and Hedrfelix Kmpaondz .
The company has announced zenith the planet about our wonderful product offering herb neurolaena lobata This grass is considered one of the most important herbs to heal this property an anti-toxins and antifungal and antibacterial and residents say Central America n this plant heals completely from sugar.