Thursday, December 24, 2015

Movement and Alasthua.. Susceptibility of the patient to simulate others without thinking or conviction

Of Alasthua images
** Obedience mechanism (which is to respond patient automatically to any orders received him without thinking or insight, even if these commands abnormal or harmful, it can, for example, refrain from directed his tongue if asked to do so even if Hddnah we will get a needle in his tongue if narrated.
** And returned to speak (to imitate movements of the person who is patient literally floating in front of him, if he raised his hand raised his hand as well as the patient, and if they are removed his tongue presented by the patient of blindly .. Thus, the speech he returned to restore the patient's words.
Both Maharkh movement returned and Almassadah   (See speech) Taatman in an automated fashion, and are a form of obedience mechanism (and we would like to point out that he returned to speak is only a special kind of movement returned, it is not talking only Voice Activity kinesthetic). 
** Back (which is that the patient will respond to any command thrown to him, counterproductive response, if we asked him to raise his hand cut, and if we asked him to pay attention to the right turned to the north, and so on ..
** (Resistance) type of back, and in which the patient does not already asked, and does not actually reverse, but resists it does not come to him .. It is clear that he refuses to obey any order, if asked, for example, patient access to the room which is at the door, it remains standing at the door does not fall does not go out, and note that the back and resistance are the opposite of obedience mechanism along the line, so called obedience mechanism "appeal of a positive", ie respond to it as it is, as it is called back and resistance "appeal of a negative," any response to it by the reversed or not done at all. We also note that "gummed sclerosis" which is a repeat of a situation is only obeying kinetic mechanism characterized as repetition.