Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Physical withdrawal (convergence).. Unwillingness to social participation and leave to a special world where no contact with the outside world only rarely

Such as not wanting to social participation, and leave to the special world where no contact with the outside world only rarely, and in this capacity that characterize many autistic individuals. The tense escape from his position and seek comfort in his waking dreams or alcohol, or drugs, or excessive work, or in studying day and night for platters confront its problems, and this is known as work Balaanme. This person work Mahtmi be treated harder than treating aggressive person, because it is difficult to re-adapt to society, so as to not gained the necessary social skills to deal with people.
Withdrawal may occur in the form of retreat from the stage of maturity to an earlier stage (setback), or withdrawal may occur denial of conflict College and if nothing had happened, and that defused the conflict, or erased.
It is noted that all methods withdrawal accompanied by mostly trick justification, that explain all actions logical explanation, it seems at first glance as reasonable, while the justification to try to supplement withdrawal. The denunciation in a timely manner and with properly assess the situation of the best defensive tricks, especially if you do not exaggerate it. This was expressed by the old adage: "escape text Savvy". "The neighbor you neighbor, on the door of Arc."
But if withdrawal is misplaced, and it has become a tradition at the individual, Vivkdh insight, and may lead to mental illness.
So we can say that the face of reality no matter how painful, no matter how few personal possibilities, better than resorting to withdrawal or escape, and this confirms the other like the "hit the bricks do not escape."