Thursday, December 24, 2015

Possible side effects of the drugs sulfonylureas.. Sharp drop in blood sugar. Overweight. Blood poisoning. Reservation of water in the body

Is usually possible sulfonylureas drugs by patients well. Side effects include:
** Sharp drop in blood sugar.
  Although the drugs sulfonylureas less serious than insulin in causing the sharp drop in blood sugar but that the sharp drop in blood sugar resulting from drugs sulfonylureas may be long and at the same time may pose a risk to the patient. And when you start using drugs sulfonylureas, the risk of a decline in the level of sugar in the blood is greater during the first few days and even the first four months of use. And therefore it should be emphasized to the patient should be drawn to the blood sugar level during this period.
And also must make sure that the level of sugar in the blood continuously when practicing sports and increased activity or in the case of not taking the meal. And must be alert and to emphasize to patients the importance of eating breakfast, lunch, and snack before going to sleep every day, as not eating or delay a meal can lead to a sharp drop in blood sugar using these drugs. And the risk of a sharp drop in blood sugar due to the use of  Sulfonylureas drugs from the second generation, like Algelimbraad, equivalent to 1/10 that updated by sulfonylureas drugs from the first generation.
* Weight gain causes increased appetite and this is undesirable in obese patients with diabetes.
** Drugs may occur redness of the face, especially when use Alklorbrupamid with alcohol.
** Can cause drug Alklorbrupamid reservation of water in the body. And is similar in effect This Alvasupersen hormone Vasopressin Inhibitor to urinate. This leads to a low level of sodium in the blood and the occurrence of water intoxication.
** Blood poisoning and this rare could occur in less than 1% of patients.
** Can occur slightly dangerous drugs on the heart.
** Nausea and a metallic taste or change in taste in 1-3% of patients.
** Sulfonylureas drugs   Combine with blood proteins,   And being metabolized and disposal by the liver, and therefore drugs that compete with centers correlation drugs sulfonylureas with blood proteins, or drugs that affect the metabolism in the liver can interact with drugs sulfonylureas and increase or irresistible force-reducing sugar in the blood.