Monday, December 21, 2015

Speech disorder in terms of flow of changes in speed or direction

* The effect may be to speak slowly as in the cases of depression.
* It may be quickly connected as in cases of mild mania.
* The effect stops suddenly, and for no reason, and the so-called "obstruction".
* It may take the course speech ways side, deals with modern details of unnecessary, but up to its purpose in the end, and called this phenomenon "detail", for example, what we see in those who call them the term "Alrgaa" like telling incident he went to the casino, and I wore Suit blue who bought from shop (Tai Shu "in street Tariq ibn Ziyad,
Before the Palestine Stadium, next to the Pharmacists Syndicate, in the Rimal neighborhood in Gaza, and then, for six red Alkravch, and it people Bicoloa that red on blue what Benfh, but I'm my opinion that red Allenbata unworthy blue, but Red Tarabichi not, and then, ..... .. ) And continues to describe the details of walking on the street and any car ride, and any person who is subject, and so on .... But in the end he arrived to the casino, and thus meets the intent which was intended to in the first speech. 
* The change patient course his final, in response to an influential internal or external, such as word transient received during the speech, which usually does not reach than ever, and this happens in the phenomenon of "flight of ideas", This typically occurs in mania, for example, that you take tells the incident he went to the casino may deviate his story after word "Tarabichi". For quite another, he says, "....... and even Tarabichi began, in a returned Balbes Tarbush in these days .. I personally Baraf a Babus Tarbush but empty, as he was sitting at home and named Zaki Effendi, with that Effendi is no need, but I Ahan Labs Tarbush quoting him Effendi ...) and continue to be so, but never up to complete his speech initiated a yesterday that he went to the casino.