Sunday, December 20, 2015

The fetus in the abdomen and his movement inside the uterus and other signs appear on the abdomen to determine the sex of the fetus

Razi said, quoting Galen: Explained pregnant many Fujdna male on the right side in the most) says in explaining that, quoting from the book Remember fetus: (blood upcoming from the right side of the uterus may purified from water and the left side was purified from him is why the right side of them overheat and was generated male) an interpretation is supported on two anatomical theory and their idea and physiology adopted on the theory of humours. Says: (If movement in the abdomen on the right side more inspected appointed women saw right faster and lighter movement and color Nader bright Pregnancy Male and deduced female) and here also due to the experience of practical clinical complementary to the story clinical and general symptoms, also stated that the large number of fetal movement mark to determine the sex but Contradicted circular ( Me: Male many signs, such as a large movements and strength, and this evidence be at the most because it was carrying Male very weak insults and carry strong female might be great movements greater and stronger. The pregnancy is not only be cool to me the man and the woman's uterus at the time may coolness.). It is noteworthy (child generated on the right side at the most and the female in the left because that side overheat to draw close to the liver and me female abroad Egg right overheat, and when Horn left of the uterus and him descended .. and blood upcoming to the right side of the uterus may filtered water because right kidney it .) also mentions about Galen (Matthew was woman's abdomen rounded full solid was pure color judging he said). (and if woman's abdomen where the length and relaxed and appeared in color freckles and commissioned Gmn it female.), and this marks relating to the region of the fetus in the mother's abdomen The intensity of the movement and shape of the mother's abdomen may origins date back to the logical extensions for more medical philosophical theory of mind arising from the clinical trial because the hand placed fetus fetal position In the womb and the appearance of movement and intensity of his movements things not related to the sex of the fetus.