Sunday, December 20, 2015

Varicose veins.. Stretch and twisting into a vein and weakness in the wall. Inefficiency in the valves in the vein wall

Disease of the veins in multiple parts of the body. The result stretched and sprained Vein, and weakness in the wall. And most places in the body suited for a varicose veins are; Legs and thighs. This disease occurs in women, more than men. It No doubt the presence of    Ready Congenital and Orathi this disease is caused by weakness in the wall of the vein, and inefficiency in the Valves in the inside, and that control the functioning of blood in the right direction. Helping of varicose veins, the large stand in some professions. And help the large number of Pregnancy in women on the increasing volume of varicose veins, or spread, as a result of pressure of the uterus The main veins in the pelvis. The cases of varicose veins easy diagnosis, where Veins visible under the skin, may reach a large volume. Caused her chronic pain In the legs, swelling and inability to stand for long, and after a period of time, Patient complains of chronic eczema, or sores in the legs called ulcers Varicose, which takes a long time to heal. And dealing with varicose veins, either surgically, Or by injection drug leads to clogged veins, or by linking them and ease the pain .
The patient feels varicose sense of pain in the leg and gravity This can happen some swelling in the ankle and foot addition to the varicose veins do harm The aesthetic form of the leg.