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Abscess.. Purulent specific gathered inside cavity caused by acute pyogenic bacterial infection in the tissue with corruption and Tnka


Purulent specific gathered inside Cavity Caused by acute pyogenic bacterial infection in the tissue with corruption and Tnka, and tends to be Through small wounds is important, where the bacteria takes destroying tissue and rushes Infected blood to the spot, and step up the white blood cells and antibodiesAttacking c: abscesses.

fistula and perianal abscess:

May be seen fistula and perianal abscess in two different groups of patients Children Bspin pleasing and my path different treatment and are the first group: children Without any predisposing cause and clear and the second group is older with reasons Predisposing and clear.

Group A:

relatively common and usually include infants and boys under the age of Biennium, and how fistula occurs is not fully understood and siphoning abscess after configured Within the wall of the rectum in the end through a hole in the perianal area, And inflammation fades after the occurrence of this sorrow and the descent of pus, but the fistula Connecting the affected area and perianal hand remains on the case, and is located Fistula close to the lumen of the anus, which makes the situation very sound in view of the lack of Exposure function winepress any damage .

The second group:

includes patients who are over the age of two years The injured abscess around the rectum or around the anus with a predisposing disease including For some drugs or AIDS, leukemia, AIDS, diabetes, Cards disease and previous surgery on the rectum (as in Herhbernj disease) anal atresiaOr after the use of immunosuppressive drugs, and this case is seen as a More dangerous and dependent ultimatum with the disease Qualification (reason) is located Originally, it may be a deep abscess and may extend quickly with accompanying symptoms of toxicity if What was the disease that causes accompanied by suppression of the immune system, and spread throughout the body.