Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Diabetic and foot care.. Destroy the nerves of the foot that leads to pain in the foot

Sugar can lead to the destruction of the nerves of the foot and that leads to not feeling pain in the foot. So you may get any foot injury without feeling. 
And also happens very slow in healing when a diabetic as a result of weakness that occurs in the power of blood flow. It then must be maintained at the foot of a large and constantly checked and avoid injury. 
Foot should be washed daily with warm water, and dry well and the use of moisturisers and scrubbed. Reduces the amount of sugar in the race, which is produced by the body naturally, so you must consider the good skin because it will be mostly dry and easily injured. 
Must wear socks soft on foot, and comfortable shoes for the patient made ​​of light skin to let in the air of the foot.