Friday, December 18, 2015

Diabetic patient and the fear of complications of diabetes on insulin reaction injection or see blood

May worry the patient's risk of suffering from complications of diabetes, or have to worry about being on insulin reaction is driving or while among the people. The injection violates some of the blood or see.
The fear reaction is understandable to any patient, and in this case, over the j z Diabetes is no exception.But if Shell patient's fear prevents him from leaving his home or to monitor blood sugar or take insulin syringe, it suggested that to injury Phobia can adversely affect his life.
The phobia is usually fear from somewhere or situation or something and this feeling ranges from simple fear, fear of insects, fear, which affects one's paralyzed and incapable of movement, such as fear of being in public places, for example. There are various cases of phobias is in the hundreds, and every one of us suffer from one or more.
And phobias can be treated by psychotherapy, who works on the problem itself, and gradual exposure to cause fear is part of the treatment, and the more exposed to the situation that raises fear whenever decline this feeling you have.