Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Drugs to treat diabetes.. metformin. Sulfonylurea. Meglitinides. Biguanides. Thiazolidinediones

- Drugs "Sulfonylurea": ​​these types of drugs stimulate the pancreas to secrete a larger amount of insulin naturally without drugs or if a small amount in order to be effective, these drugs. 
The most common side effects of this drug is low blood sugar, especially at the beginning of therapy (the first four months of treatment), especially if you suffer from some problems in kidney function or liver. 
- Real Estate "Meglitinides": these types of drugs such as (repaclinide - the active substance) doing the same work "sulfonylurea" but without the side effects have any without a significant decrease in the proportion of sugar.
- Real Estate "Biguanides": the active substance (metformin) these types of drugs are preventing the liver from glucose excretion, and it means that the body needs less insulin because the amount of glucose less. 
- Real Estate "Alpha-glucosidose inhibitors": these types are preventing the impact of digestive enzymes which are destroying carbohydrates and thus less absorption process sugar in the bloodstream. Process and prevent high blood sugar after eating. 
Include side effects of these drugs flatulence, gas, diarrhea. 
May also occur some damage in the liver in the case of excessive doses. 
- Real Estate "Thiazolidinediones": these types make the body more sensitive and influenced by insulin and reduce the excretion of excess glucose by the liver. 
He spoke also some damage to the liver. 
So doctors advised checking job on the liver every two months during the first year of the commencement of treatment. 
And consult a doctor immediately if you notice any signs of liver injury such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, dark urine becomes or yellowing of the skin and whites of the eye color. 
- Combinations of drugs: the use of different types of drugs help control the level of sugar. 
You can combine two or three of these different categories (under the supervision of a physician) to give the best results. 
* Note: these names that have been mentioned is the active ingredient of some drugs and not the name of the property itself, and you should consult your doctor before using any type of drug.