Sunday, June 11, 2023

Elusive parasite.. Change the shape of the generator against it several times within the same stage to make the immune system is useless

Elusive Parasite:

The many complex cycle of the parasite within its host characterized the change sequential stages, so it is difficult for the immune system to respond to the exterior styling changes which carries antigen Antigen , Visttia parasite prevail phase which has greater resistance to host immunity; Vchl movement of the immune system. This is apparent in the malaria Plasmodium Where change stages of parasites quickly and resist immune specialized phases, called this kind of dodgy Stage Specificty of Parasite antigen.

Powerful Means Of Resistance:

And other parasites can change the shape of the generator against it several times within the same phase, this method represents one of the most powerful means of resistance to make the immune system is useless, like some types of primitives Protozoa And are at high risk for the face of the immune system to its natural presence in the bloodstream.

Vartion Antigenic:

And African Althripanusumaa also that cause sleeping sickness in humans have multiple forms within a single phase, so paralyze antibodies.. This method is called Vartion Antigenic. The ability of third to change the composition of the external; take off some external parasite antigen entire own several times, and develop a new complex for its outer form every time.. Such as sleeping sickness also and the parasite which can be used more than a hundred external jacket so to speak, and called this methodRenewal of surface antigen.

Adhesion Proteins:

The fourth way is the ability of the parasite adhesion proteins means blood like masquerading in the form of one of the components of blood immune system will think it is part of the blood not resist the way and called Antigenic disquise Some worms and bilharzia parasite or Shistosoma.