Friday, December 18, 2015

Food Pyramid.. Quantities of health that must be addressed from food to supply the body with the necessary nutrients to build and grow

Food pyramid has five food groups Home Each person must commitment and action. This pyramid is a guide Which tells us health quantities that must be ingested food, and we find that these groups Five food supplies body with food needed to build and grow his body does not solve any Set them replace other because each one of them different interest consists of these groups Five 
** Range meat, poultry, fish . 
** Dairy group, yogurt, Cheese.
** vegetables . 
* Set fruit . 
** Bread, cereals, Rice, pasta. 
It occupies fats, oils and sweets top of the pyramid and is recommended Nutrition experts using these foods group cautiously and sparingly and is in The following foods : Spices, oils, stones, Butter, margarine, sugars, carbonated water. They provide the body Calories More Supplied with nutrients 
The meat and dairy group source Proteins And calcium And iron And zinc . For Vegetable group, which includes Vegetables And fruit They provide the body Vitamins And minerals And fiber 
And include the base of the pyramid Set bread, cereal, rice and pasta, and provide the body with what it needs from proteins and materials Carbohydrates.