Thursday, December 24, 2015

Forms of viruses and how to multiply.. Parasites compulsory and non-living chemical may be in the form of crystals

Virus set of objects that has baffled scientists classification, although it is close likeness Primitive, some scientists prefer that separates it from the rest of the organisms for study and for the following reasons:
2 - did not reach the installation of the virus to the level of a living cell, but is lower than where consists of nucleic acid (RNA Or DNA ) Knows the heart membrane envelope protein called the head and tail extends it.
2 - show viruses aspects of life when you live inside the cells of other organisms only, while outside these cells are chemical is alive may be in the form of crystals, but this is a virus parasites mandatory, and because of the dual nature of viruses (living and non-living) make scientists call it Description (threshold of life).
Forms of viruses:
Viruses have different forms spherical mismatch such as influenza virus, foot-and-mouth of bacillary them such as dog and tobacco Nbrakec has deviates to form the head and tail of such to bacteria cteriophages
How do viruses multiply?
Gave detailed studies of bacterial virus (Baktereoffaj) scientific facts about how the virus replicates and the following stages illustrate how the virus replicates inside the bacterial cell.
1 virus encircles the bacterial cell.
2 virus became glued to the cell.
3 of DNA The virus is injected into the cell.
4 Cover protease remain abroad.
5 double DNA many times.
6 consists of covers of proteinuria.
7 surrounded by DNA Atmospheric complete virus protein component.
8 explodes the bacterial cell envelope and spread viruses to infect other bacteria.