Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Healthy eating when a diabetic patient.. Foods that contain a high proportion of fiber and carbohydrates

To help you follow a healthy diet keep the following in mind:
* Main meals and snacks (Snack) regular times during the day, especially if you take insulin injections or tablets for the treatment of diabetes.
* Depend on food and meals on foods that contain a high proportion of fiber and carbohydrates, such as breads and cereals stomach for breakfast, beans and fruits.
* Try to eat a similar amount of carbohydrate-rich foods during each meal, and avoid eating foods that contain carbohydrates during the meal and then dealt with at once in another meal.
* Use small amounts of fat, oil and you have to choose low-fat foods as much as possible.
* Can contain a healthy diet for people with diabetes to small amounts of sugar, but it is better to be part of the sugar and low-fat meal with a high proportion of fiber, whether major food meal or snack (snack).
* Avoid foods that contain a high percentage of added sugar (Such as nuts - lollies - and refreshments "or beverages" soft) or reduced addressed, especially those that contain a high percentage of sugar and fat together like chocolate and pastries, exotic and cakes.