Monday, June 12, 2023

Hol.. Defect in the nerves of the dynamics of the eye muscles. Errors in the refraction of light rays entering the eye. Weakness in the center of visual installation in the brain

squint - Strabismus:

The generic term given to all cases in which take hub vision for For both; situations differ from normality.And take many forms; Paralytic strabismus and amblyopia reading and squint hidden. And caused by either Defect Driving the nerves of the muscles of the eye, or weakness, or errors in the refraction of light rays entering the eye, or weakness in the center Fixing Vision in the brain. And addresses some glasses and exercise and some surgery.

common eye problems in children:

Squint is common eye problems in children as they are at Approximately 3% of children, and have in most cases to the interior, while the Squint if infected adults externally. It is normal for newborns Deviate one of their eyes from time to time, especially when they are tired or unwilling Sleep, but if observed on the child of three months of age on the one Eyes or that closes when considering the interlocutor, or leaning his head to be seen, it must Consult a pediatrician to examine the baby's eyes and to make sure of their safety.