Sunday, December 20, 2015

Immunocompromised reasons.. Mental state. Poor organization of sports training. Adaptation. Wrong treatment. Age. The focus of infection

1 - mental state:
The mental state of more factors that affect the immune positive or negative, the pressure leads to nervous vulnerability in an individual.
2 - poor athletic training organization:
Improvisational coach in training you do not specify the summit, which aims to coach, to get his team to the summit, making there is an inconsistency in the physical loads, and to enter into a spiral overload and exposure to the focus of infection.
3 - Adaptation:
When getting physical loads and stress at work significantly, than carry capita rid of the impact of stress using various means to restore healing, the adjustment process fails Failing Adaptaion
Which leads to impaired immunity in an individual.
4 - wrong treatment:
Wrong treatment of injuries and diseases, and we have explained by the use of hormones (cortisone and Hyderokortazon) is immunosuppressive Moines, as well as the use of radioactive materials and some chemicals that impede cell division.
5 - Age:
Age factor affects the immune, so the immune as little as possible in childhood, as well as less as possible for the aging and be at their best in young people.
6 - the focus of infection:
In the case of a focus of infection, the immune system is in a state of weakness, and your body is more vulnerable to infection sick, weak ability to carry out its functions.