Thursday, December 24, 2015

Physical Therapy for irritable bowel disease.. Prevent abnormal contractions of the muscles in the walls of the colon and stop the emergence of irritable bowel syndrome

Physiotherapy is a mixture composed of honey and herbs are safe and proven, and concentrated work and the effect of this treatment in preventing abnormal contractions of the muscles in the walls of the colon and thus prevent and stop the emergence of irritable bowel syndrome.
Honey treatment Rabbani does not need to lower corn doubt, but you should know that not all types of honey suitable for patients IBS, there treacle or what we call in Yemen Balsmr and called in the Hijaz and south of the kingdom honey fork and this honey on benefits large not Mounasp for patients with irritable bowel syndrome, and convenience is the two types of honey either honey Curculionidae (cans) or honey Salam (peace), and this type of honey is excellent for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, particularly when it is used solely in the morning before breakfast,
A third type of honey called (Honey Alsal), which is also good for a neurological disorder intestine and colon, but it is rare and not available in large quantities. 
Of course, without going into the subject of fraud honey is of thorny issues and long, but what I want to warn and noted that when the desire to buy honey appropriate for a patient IBS should focus on honey therapeutic (not food) warm in the edition is the quality of honey good and appropriate for the patient colon nervous system and in particular whose mental condition deteriorated, hot Valesl in printed works to calm the nerves as a result of inhibition of secretion of cortisol and increased secretion of hormones that work on rest stress and anxiety.
For herbs used with honey Sidr in mixture therapeutic is a Shabtin, one famous is the ace and called in Yemen (Ags), and other non-famous abound in Yemen in the fall and early winter and are not classified scientifically and call colloquially "Rouhb."
  Everybody should know that the treatment that I present here is absolutely secure and holds the components of the solution and Panacea, God willing, and IBS patients respond to this treatment quickly, especially a patient who has not yet used drugs psychological conditions or obsessive-compulsive disorder.
In the latter and do not even enter the subject of the following God in healing Valjahl is engaged in such topics, and will not be like others say that the treatment I offer in this site is the solution and the only medicine and healing, not healing but healing God and what we are and what we reach only reasons, The healing puts Bari weaker, however, his character and I do not figured myself but weaker creation.