Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pulmonary heart disease.. Morbidity and landing the right part of the heart. High pulmonary artery pressure

Is ill and landing right part of the heart as a result there was no reason or many reasons influenced the basic work of the lungs and led to high pulmonary artery pressure either due to the presence chronic inflammatory people pneumoniae (due to smoking or patient's exposure to tuberculosis pneumonia and other diseases or inhalation of harmful substances). Or due to the presence disease congenital heart (as the existence of a hole between the ventricles or between the atria) or patient's exposure to schistosomiasis, which probably arrived impact of the lungs or because or clots frequent lung (This consists stroke either in the leg veins or veins pelvis going with blood to the pulmonary artery Vtsdh or blocking one of its branches and cause severe Kdik symptoms of breath, chest pain and low blood pressure artery. One of the reasons that may lead to pulmonary embolism
Lack of movement as occurs after surgery or after childbirth or while traveling long or as a result of a broken leg. Or due to the presence of obesity or pill abuse.