Monday, December 21, 2015

Stomach.. Stretched accommodate food bag until digested and then pays to the intestine and is located on the upper left side of the abdomen

The stomach is part of the gastrointestinal tract That follows the esophagus, and then lead to the intestine, which is more like a bag stretched to accommodate even digested food then drives into the intestines. The stomach is located on the upper left side of the abdomen.
And function of the stomach is digesting food that we eat, especially protein any broken into small particles, where the walls of the stomach strong pressure on food for 4 hours change afterwards food into semi-liquid after this food passes through a hole doorman into the intestines high and which has a length of about 20 feet in the adult. Therefore it is wrapped on each other so that they can accommodate the abdominal cavity. The first part of the intestine minutes Is twelve any length equal to the width 12 finger here
Open channels which are : Gallbladder: a small bag sticks to the liver and carry bitterness that digest fats pancreatic duct : Bear bile and pancreatic that assist in the digestion process and the neutralization of stomach acid. After passing food from the duodenum becomes valid for absorption where this operation is carried out within fine gyri intestine and a small percentage in the large intestine. The fine line the intestinal wall millions of tiny cells called underbrush And that in the process of absorption. Then followed by a colon and a length of 5 feet is in the form of three sides of the square, where runs from the lower right side of the abdomen to the top and then displays bends the abdomen just below the stomach and then folded again coming down from the left side of the abdomen down. And called the end of the colon rectal a length of about 6 inches and is located in the cavity of the sacral spine. And ends with the rectum Anal Canal Which are usually closed by a strong round muscle called the anus muscle . Up food waste to the colon in the form of a half means where the body is not allowed to get out on the Authority who shall colon absorbs most of the liquid from the waste then excretes the rest in the form of stools . And take food for 24 hours before passing outside the gastrointestinal tract. Stomach can not accept any food so cold it penalties Dalk and food Kdalk hot it infects a stomach ulcer.