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Sugar coma Ketone Hyperglycemic Keto acidotic coma .. Rise to the level of glucose in the blood and cells do not benefit from it because of the absence of the hormone insulin

Sugar coma Ketone Hyperglycemic Keto acidotic coma:

Occur sugar coma often Ketone in Type I diabetics as a result of the lack of complete or near-complete of insulin in the body. The result is high level of glucose in the blood and cells do not benefit from it because of the absence of the hormone insulin. And have the body in this case to break down fat stored in the body by the liver for energy instead of glucose.

This results configure objects Ketone in the liver and this leads to an imbalance in the balance of acidity and alkalinity in the body, causing an increase in ketone acids, which acetone acetone And Osatoasatic acid acetoacetic acid   And beta hydroxy acid Biotirk╬▓-hydroxybutyric acid .

These cause the acidity of the blood where the liver can not oxidize these fatty acids as Happen under normal circumstances because of the lack of insulin. These toxic elements and must be disposed of and prevent accumulation in the blood. And contribute to kidney excretion of these elements in the urine and the lungs exhaled Vtakrjha by giving distinctive smell of acetone with oneself.

And exit of acetone with sugar in urine causes a significant loss of body water with a few drops proportion of potassium salts and phosphate in the body. As a result of the loss of fluid from the patient's body gets dehydrated feels very thirsty with dry throat, tongue and skin. The breathing is rapid and profound. And the patient feels degradation in strength. The acidity of the blood causing weak heart and peripheral neovascularization. As well as the amount of blood shortages due to fluid loss leads to the sharp drop in blood pressure and shock.

With increased ketones in the blood elements kidneys fail to dispose of them accumulate in blood and spoke coma. This coma need for several days or weeks to appear. During this period, many warning symptoms occur is excessive thirst and many urination followed by a feeling of fatigue and tiredness for less effort and underweight due to the burning of fat and fluid loss.

And less appetite with nausea and sometimes vomiting and severe abdominal pain, dizziness, headaches, and increase the speed and depth of breathing with the smell of acetone and after the patient begins to lose consciousness with a sense of relegation and palpitations and hypothermia to enter into a coma. The sugar coma very serious Alkithonip where they may lead a patient's life if not treated quickly.