Thursday, December 24, 2015

The difference between the process of repression, and repression process.. Remove the feelings of stress and anxiety, guilt and lack of shame and prevent desires or tendencies unpalatable

The process of repression:
Is an unconscious process, and unintended, issued by the individual without will or intention, away from the individual's feelings of stress, anxiety, guilt and lack of shame, and appear in childhood as a result of repeated motive, with no saturation, leading to suppressed.
Process of repression:
Process is unconscious, is the prohibition of desires or tendencies unpalatable, occur under the will and consciousness of the individual, and carried out by a "self" to postpone the motive, or express it, to be prepared the conditions for this gratification, or for this expression, do not appear in childhood, because they appear effort needs to adjust myself missing the child (as happens to employees when conceal his anger against the boss, as long in his presence, even if you went out with him, beat him affiliations curses mixed with the worst insults and worse abstract manner Ih).