Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The fate of gestational diabetes after the situation (birth).. Disappearance of diabetes. Avoid diabetes later

After the situation (birth) often disappears diabetes, but it is better to conduct a medical examination a special blood sugar after 6 weeks of completion of the situation (birth) to make sure that things are completely normal, noting that some of the ladies who gestational butter pregnancy more susceptible to diabetes type 2 when their advancing age. Here comes a very important question, which is being carried out by women who suffered gestational diabetes in order to avoid diabetes later? Now until you can repeat women avoid diabetes if suffered gestational diabetes compliance with the following: 
* Continue to follow a healthy eating and balanced. 
* Reduce weight and maintain your ideal weight. 
* Exercise appropriate sporting activities. 
* Measure blood sugar at a rate of once a year at least. 
* Consult your doctor and to the probability that kind of adds disks that are used in the prevention of diabetes.