Sunday, December 20, 2015

The tests work doctor to diagnose pulmonary disease pressure.. Clinical ECG. Check respiratory function and efficiency of the lungs. Cardiovascular catheter

The doctor did some tests important to diagnose and understand the causes: 
* Clinical ECG. 
* CT scan of the chest. 
* Ultrasound of the heart. 
* Check respiratory function and efficiency of the lungs . 
* Examine walk for six minutes . * Check the level of gases in the blood. * Cardiovascular catheter. 
* The work of many laboratory blood tests that might indicate the real cause of the disease. 
When all else fails these tests to know the cause of the disease it is called primary pulmonary pressure unknown reasons. 
With the passage of time continue the patient's condition as bad and getting symptoms and begin signs of oxygen deficiency leading to failure and weakness in the function of the right side of the heart and the patient becomes seats and suffering from breathing difficulties with less effort his.