Monday, December 21, 2015

Tips to keep a good percentage of sugar in the blood and reduce the risk of high blood sugar level

* The need to check the level of sugar in the blood and periodically if possible, taking into account the continuous monitoring of health status, whether this observation self or by your physician because the more the level of sugar in the blood closer to the normal level helped to reduce the incidence of other complications of diabetes. 
* The need to calculate the amount of carbohydrate intake daily because the body converts carbohydrates into glucose and this raises the level of glucose in the blood.
. ** Need to revise the nutrition specialist for the work programs and special food diets with diabetes need to
adhere to them and prepare food according to the instructions to fit thermal energy intake with ideal body weight. 
  * The need to exercise to avoid obesity. 
** Eating bread made ​​from wheat or grains such as oats, bran instead of white bread by Bran. 
* Avoid eating foods rich By Candies such as honey, sugar, jam, molasses, raisins, cakes, chocolate, soft drinks and sugar-sweetened. 
** Food diabetics must be integrated and diversified so that it contains all the food groups necessary grains and starches, fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products, meat and fat to meet the body's needs daily, and must choose foods assessed at every meal according to the quantities specified and planned for each class. 
** Advisable to eat five snacks distributed throughout the day, any three main meals plus two snacks with the need to attend meals punctually and avoid eating large amounts of food in the same meal. 
* Avoid (as much as possible) eating foods rich in fat and cholesterol as the probability of injury diabetic cardiovascular disease than average 2-3 times for people without diabetes The latest studies show that increased 40 grams of fat for the necessary amount and needed more likely diabetes to 3 times, because fat affect the effectiveness of insulin by reducing the effectiveness of insulin receptors and increase the level of sugar in the blood, especially if saturated fat . 
** Preferably reduce salt and foods rich by Such as pickles, olives, canned goods and other impact on the retention of body fluids especially for people with high blood pressure . 
* When you are forced to eat your food outside the home should know how to choose your food with the need to know the method of preparation and ingredients used in food preparation . 
** Prefer drinking 6-8 glasses of fluids a day at a minimum to help the body to make the best use of food. 
** Many drinks without added sugar such as tea, coffee, chamomile, anise, sage . 
** Eating too much fiber-rich foods such as legumes and vegetables because they are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary . 
  ** Can use spices Such as cinnamon, cumin, black pepper and other other spices to taste. 
  ** Artificial sweeteners can be used, but in moderation. 
** Should not be excessive intake of protein such as meat, although it does not affect much on the rise in blood sugar, because these foods contain the amount of calories that can increase the weight and increase the level of fat in the blood . 
** Refrain from smoking. 
* Finally, the diabetic diet can also follow healthy where they are the most validity and utility.