Thursday, June 8, 2023

Treatment of high blood pressure.. Extenders blood. Drugs to treat hypertension

Treatment of high blood pressure:

There are several ways to deal with hypertension, and treatment followed by the doctor varies from patient to patient depending on personal circumstances.

1- diet:

Diet is very important to control blood pressure. The weight was above normal, the return to normal may lower your blood pressure significantly, in addition to reducing the amount of salt in food can also lower your blood pressure. And must avoid many foods salt Like pickle, sausages, dried meat, beans and crumbs.

2- Sports:

regular exercise helps control blood pressure by keeping your weight within normal limits and by improving the performance of your heart and your circulatory system.

3- medicines:

There are many drugs to treat hypertension, each with pros and cons of each type has different side effects. But most patients respond to these drugs well without showing any side effect. Of these drugs:
  • diuretics such as: (Esidrex ).
  • beta blockers such as: Tnormin (Tenormin ). 3 _ alpha blockers, such as: (Cardura ) Cardaobers.
  • calcium blockers, such as: (Norvasc ) Vazokor.
  • inhibitors angiotensin-converting enzyme, such as: ( (Momopril-Coversyl - Zestril .
  • blood expanders.
Often, doctor sometimes needs to involve more than one medicine to control blood pressure.


  • Do not stop taking medication suddenly, without consulting a doctor, it can cause serious complications and sudden and very high in blood pressure which can lead to hemiplegia or heart attack.
  • do not deal with cough and cold medicines and weight reduction or nasal sprays unless prescribed by a doctor, most of these medicines can raise your blood pressure.