Friday, December 18, 2015

Vegetables and fruits containing sulfur to reduce sugar. Parallel linear converter insulin

A - vegetables and fruits that contain organic sulfur is transforming linear parallel insulin called each C-PEPTIDE   To insulin effectively.  
B - so Nord latest research reported the following   
** Aharnkh lowers blood sugar about 40 %   
Wet ** thermos lowers blood sugar about 20 %   
* Fenugreek lowers blood sugar about 25 %  
**   Guava lower blood sugar about 15 %   
** Onions and garlic diets significantly reduced blood sugar about 20 %   
** Olive oil by tablespoon lowers blood sugar about 10 %   
** Green beans lowers blood sugar about 10 %   
** Plant Alsamuh teaspoon + cup boiling water and drink in the morning and evening.   
** Love Rashad (Alfeta) of prophetic medicine which lowers blood sugar is high.   
* Rowan grass where breaking number 40 to 60 pill and swallow before the meal.   
** Arena where gram contains 2 alone of insulin-like compound and lead do.   
** Fill the cup of Aharnkh lowers blood sugar by about 40 %   
* Securities strawberry Tesf amount of water to fill a teaspoon in the morning and evening, a cut of sugar by up to 30 %.
** Purslane seeds where hinder the absorption of sugars and fats from the intestines where the layer lead to encapsulate the intestines and prevents absorption or hinder absorption.