Thursday, December 24, 2015

Vitamin (B2) Flavin repo.. Protect skin and eyes from the harmful impact when exposed to light and solar radiation

It Necessary for the integrity of the skin and eyes and protect them from the harmful influence when exposed to light. The cause deficiency injury individuals a number of skin diseases, especially on sun-exposed parts Ki_qq lips and cracked corners of the mouth cracks bloody and sore tongue and flake the nose and around the eyes with the accumulation of fatty substances on the sides of the nose injured and ears and crack his fingernails and lose their brightness. The eyes Vtlthb and filled with blood vessels and become sensitive to light as generated in the patient feeling Bgha eyelids may swell with the appearance of the symptoms of anemia so be sure to provide the body continuously. Because vitamin B-2 soluble in water is not available for savings in the body where they are put out of the body with the urine. This vitamin is not affected by heat, but damage when exposed to heat due to the influence of UV So you should save the rich products such as milk, for example, in containers silencers light Kalkrton rather than transparent glass containers. 
Available vitamin B-2 milk products, eggs, fish, liver, meat, and vegetable paper, pistachios. While rice is poor.