Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Action Plan for good control of blood sugar in pregnant women infected with diabetes.. And blood glucose monitoring change insulin doses during pregnancy

Specialist diabetes will show you the goals to be achieved and the related values ​​of blood sugar and how to reach it, and then ... It's up to you to choose a pattern of life health and that tracking his advice. 
Self-blood glucose monitoring using glucose meters (Glucometer):   The greater the number of times self-measurement of blood sugar, the greater the opportunity to control blood sugar better, and as explained earlier, the good control of blood sugar is the best way to prevent complications of diabetes during pregnancy. Follow the doctor's instructions regarding insulin or other disks: Although the drive to treat
Diabetes may be given in pregnancy only that the doctor often will change to the insulin injection. The doctor will also change some other medications that you may be Deal for the treatment of other diseases as hypertension drugs and drugs used for kidney disease.
Connie are liable to change the doses of insulin during pregnancy:   You need to modify the dose insulin by the amount of sugar in blood, and by the amount of food that you eat, and do Vomit or not, as it did in last three months of pregnancy increases the hormones that secrete from the placenta and Responsible growth and size of the fetus, these hormones are resistant work insulin, Thus you need to dose insulin will be more.