Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Avoid weight gain caused by the use of insulin.. Reduce the secretion of glucose (sugar) in the urine. Drop in blood sugar

In fact, some patients who use insulin injections to control blood sugar seem alarmed by the increase of body weight associated with the use of insulin, which leads to deliberately left some doses believing them to be the best in terms of weight of their bodies without reference to the attending physician. In some cases, the patient may not get upset by the increase in weight, but the doctor is upset because the increase in weight more difficult policy therapeutic good blood sugar control. Of course, the process of non-insulin doses in a timely manner or cancel some doses without reference to the physician   Is undesirable Because it gets lost in the (time) doctor and gets lost in the (time / health) of the patient.
Now what are the reasons for the increase of body weight as a result of insulin? And how it can be avoided? 
● Insulin is to reduce the secretion of glucose (sugar) in the urine:   As is known, the lack of (quantitative or effectiveness) of the hormone insulin lead to increased blood sugar, and one way in which the body to get rid of the excess sugar is do بإفرازه with urine, and the withdrawal of the amount of water with him ... Sugar is energy needed by the body for the construction ... And when you lose this energy, this leads to transform the body ... And, of course, if you use insulin, glucose (sugar) will be reduced in the urine due to its consumption in the cells and the construction and continuity in taking insulin, the increase in weight is to be expected. 
● Insulin cause a drop in blood sugar: insulin may cause low blood sugar and this is scary in some patients who received them drop in blood sugar ... To the extent that the patient deliberately eating in many quantities (for fear of a fall) which leads to increased body weight ... Of course this wrong reaction to deal with the drop of blood sugar .. The best way is to recognize the patient on the reasons for low blood sugar .. Then trying to prevent them. 
● Taking insulin means eating like what I want: some patients discovered that he could eat what he wants .. All what he has to do ... Is to increase the dose of insulin.Became does so repeatedly ...   Guess what will happen? ... Increased body weight, of course.   In fact insulin is not a license to eat whatever you want, but a way to help you in good control of blood sugar. If you take your dose of insulin while maintaining the health system to eat followed without any increase in eating .. This helps to avoid the increase in body weight resulting from the use of insulin injections. 
● Insulin in itself increases the body weight:   The hormone insulin hormone building ...This means that increases the size of fat and muscle in the body. And there is another theory is that insulin affects in some areas of the nervous system and makes a person eats more. The reason for this is not yet understood in detail. .. Patients who are taking lower doses of insulin are less likely to increase in the weight of ... Once again the health system in eating and exercise may enable you to avoid weight gain and help to make the insulin dose is minimal. 
Insulin is the most effective drugs for diabetes. And compared with other medicines for diabetes.. Insulin is the only one who can cut cumulative analysis of blood sugar (HbA1c) to any value you like. There is no ceiling to lower (HbA1c) using insulin. I personally believe that insulin not rebukes Exploitation optimized in the field of medicine.Patients with diabetes should Happen educate How to avoid the increase   In body weight.. Even Get increase   From the use of insulin.