Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Barriers to exercise in a patient with diabetes.. I do not have time to practice sports. I feel pain in some areas of my body when I practice sport

A high probability that you who do not exercise .. Is not it. Although everyone know that sport useful for diabetics, especially Type II diabetes, but many do not exercised on a regular basis. And now to see what are the barriers to exercise while trying to overcome. 
This six obstacles'll meet with clarify the way in which people beat these obstacles: 
1. I do not have time to practice sports: ...   Well, today we have 1440 minutes per week for our 10080 ten thousand and eighty minutes is a very long time, and you are required only 150 hundred and fifty minutes a week, a relatively very short time,
The scientifically make certain that 150 minutes a week (of the total 10080 minutes) is sufficient to get the fruits of exercise, and you can distribute these few minutes at a rate of 30 minutes per day for five days a week. Then Pretext that I do not have time, flimsy Pretext. Of course, with a note that you choose the appropriate method for practicing the sport is important and you who will decide what kind of sport that you want to exercise, based on your circumstances. Knowing that exercise is possible and easily, but on the condition that you want to exercise, desire to exercise will help you practice. Time is a lot and a little order in time, it will not be this obstacle Sorry. 
2. I Length of Day I and I'm moving and I do not have to practice the sport remains I overwrought:   This is true .. However, the sport for thirty minutes a day on a regular basis increases your energy .. And even discover that exercise early in the morning before going to work will reduce fatigue and effort that you feel at other times that do not play sports. 
3. Notch material does not allow:   It is true that home buy sports equipment or participate in sports clubs something expensive and high-priced expensive .. But brisk walking, jogging, jump rope and stretch ... Does not cost any thing ... they are free of charge. 
4. Weather is very hot, very cold weather, there is a strong moisture the atmosphere:   Today's weather in one variable always and not Stable choose the right time to get out to practice the sport .. Then it must be you a backup way to practice the sport inside the house .. If you can not you out of the house because of the weather ...Such as jump rope, Swedish exercises, use of sports equipment, household, or a brisk walk if the home location allows it. 
5. I hate .. Or .. I do not see what for existing practice sports:   Some people without any reason .. Does not like the idea of practicing sport .. The best way to overcome this situation is that   Intervention of the athletic program in other periods you love .. I mean, for example, to exercise some kind of physical activity when they are in front of the TV using mathematical tools or any appropriate exercise during see TV ... Over time you will feel the benefits of the sport and will be open to the idea that you can .. But .. And loves to engage in sport .. And then ... Will not play sports for thirty minutes only, but you'll want more and more time to exercise. 
6. I feel pain in some areas of my body when I practice sport:   In fact, this is the most difficult obstacle may face .. But we must determine where you feel pain to practice sports, for example if the pain in the joints of the legs .. Try to choose another type of sports such as swimming or that Play sports and you are sitting in a chair. And tell your doctor pain from which they complain. The doctor may refer you to a specialist physiotherapy .. Which in turn will provide you with the appropriate mathematical methods for you.