Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Causes of diabetes.. Fight the immune system of the pancreas. The body's cells resist insulin

The body during the digestive process to burn carbohydrates from different foods such as bread, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruit, and transferred to different sugar molecules. 
One of these molecules is glucose, which is the key factor for the energy needed by the body. 
Glucose is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, but can not enter the cells of the body but with the help of insulin - a type of hormone secreted by the pancreas (pancreas is located behind the stomach). When the glucose level rises in the blood send signals which is about cells are sent to the pancreas to secrete insulin and insulin mission is to open the cells in the body so that glucose can enter.
This process reduced the rate of glucose in the bloodstream and prevent it from reaching a high level in the body. When sugar level drops down turn the insulin produced by the pancreas. 
At the same time, the liver stores excess glucose Ali body Gelokojin. When it drops the level of insulin in the liver blood converts Algelokojin to glucose and release him into the bloodstream. 
When the status of the pancreas in the body is functioning normally, vary the amount of glucose in the blood as a result of several factors including: type of eating, exercise, nervous tension and injuries. These complex relationships between insulin, glucose, liver and some other hormones are determined by the presence of sugar in a certain level. 
Happen at certain times defect in these processes. Either the pancreas does not produce sufficient amount of insulin to allow glucose to enter the cells of the body, or that the same cells resistant to insulin. In both cases happen a rise in the level of sugar in the blood. 
Reason for the high level of glucose in the blood due to the type of diabetes who suffer from it. 
* Type I: 
This type of diabetes occurs as mentioned when the pancreas secretes a small amount of insulin. 
And because the body contains antibodies, whereupon the objects to attack the pancreas and destroy the amount of insulin secreted. 
The immune system in the normal case to fight viruses and bacteria and the like. But researchers do not know exactly why the fight against the immune system of the pancreas in cases of diabetes, but genetic factors, diet and other things play together this role. 
Although the first type of diabetes can be kept for many years before the discovery of the body, but there are symptoms may appear after weeks to months of recovery from any illness. 
* Type II: 
Unlike the first type, this type of diabetes does not occur as a result of diseases of the immune system. 
Two factors can occurrence, either the pancreas does not produce the right amount of insulin to allow glucose in the cells of the body, or the body's cells resist insulin. The cause of this situation is unknown, but increased body weight and adipose tissue accumulation of the most influential factors on the incidence of diabetes. 
* Sugar that appears when young: 
This type of sugar is rare, a genetic type that appears in the second type of sugar that affects young people in adolescence.