Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Causes type I diabetes.. Destroy the beta cells in the islets of Langerhans and inability of the pancreas to secrete insulin

When someone is diagnosed   That he has diabetes, especially Type I diabetes .. The first question asks the injured (or one of his parents) to the doctor what reason? What is the reason for diabetes. Then Due to the busy doctor it Will initiate to answer this question as follows   "In fact did not know the real cause of Type I diabetes .. However, the genetic factor has entered and also there is an environmental factor when they meet in person is prone to diabetes!!" Of course with diabetes .. and although he did not understand this answer
However, it merely not enthusiastic for further clarification ... I mean they answer brief and that although he hopes to learn more.?!. I will try in this letter to clarify what happens in Type I Diabetes .. ?! 
Type I diabetes is a smashing cell beta in islets of Langerhans (Islets of Langerhans) which causes the inability of the pancreas to secrete insulin, thereby increasing blood sugar and diabetes type I ... because insulin is considered very important for the transfer of glucose ( sugar) from the blood to the tissues task such as muscle tissue, liver and adipose tissue .. If this process is not .. The sugar (glucose) accumulates in the blood, causing diabetes. 
This crash of beta cells .. Output from the disorder in the immune system of infected!!  What does this mean? 
In fact when there are no foreign body in the human body .. This UFO is destroyed in a number of ways (to eat it, melting, excreted, murder, etc.) .. And by the body's immune system .. For clarification .. UFO .. Must be recognized first .. To make sure that foreign body .. The charge on the process of identifying the cell is known as T-lymphocytes of the immune system .. But these T-lymphocytes does not care to recognize the UFO directly .. but it wants to broker this process .. Want  That the maintenance of broker   UFO or part of it .. This mediator .. Transfer information to T-lymphocytes.. As a holder of a foreign body    .. Then you the -lymphocytes to identify the UFO .. It was the work necessary to get rid of it .. And depending on the type of UFOs. 
And now we go to beta cell .. And see .. What happens? .. Mediator mentioned above and the maintenance of a UFO or a part of it .. Normally be present in the cell membrane .. In our story this mean membrane beta cells .. This intermediary is a protein .. Any are manufactured within the beta cells .. Integrates this medium in the membrane of a cell beta!! .. And when there is a foreign body beta cell, there is a special place in the same boat broker who does maintenance of this UFO and then tell the immune system and report ..!!    In fact every protein in the human body has a specific code in one of the genes in the cell nucleus .. And this is a gene components of what is known as of the cell (Chrmomosomes) in the nucleus .. 
Here comes the genetic factor .. I mean if you have   Problem in the gene that produces this medium   .. The composition of the mediator will not be 100% natural .. But .. This is not enough to cause injury, type I diabetes .. This will be present as a mediator explained in the cell membrane when it is synthesized .. and would be 100% natural if you have a gene on .. But diabetes Type I occurs when another factor intervenes ..?! .. An environmental factor ... I mean UFO (virus, type of food, chemical, Bacteria etc.) .. In fact, scientific research have been able to identify the gene (which is only one gene) is responsible for this disease ... but you can not identify the UFO .. Because there are many types of viruses and some types of chemicals and food, and Bacteria .. etc. .. Operating Such objects strange body .. And that may cause type I diabetes .. Each when the mediator maintenance of the UFO .. The work presented to T-lymphocytes ..It here begins the problem ..!! Because T-lymphocytes will discover not only UFO .. But also the mediator (abnormal) .. Then you think T-lymphocytes that both foreign objects .. Working to suggest the immune system to begin to break these objects (I mean the UFO and the broker) .. And thus be beta cell are paying the price (because the mediator implanted in membrane) .. And are destroyed by the immune system .. Then diabetes Type I .. In fact, there are strange things in this regard first is that the process destroy the beta cells .. Going very slowly .. Why? .. As well as to just why beta cells in the islets of Langerhans? .. Why not destroy the alpha cells adjacent completely? Why?    ... I do not know ..?!!! 
This short, what is happening in the first type of diabetes .. Destroy beta cells .. But there is delightful news for people with Type I diabetes, which was published in the journal Nature (The Journal Nature) since Dat days ago by "Milton" and his medical team from the Institute of "Harvard" .. Which succeeded in reprogramming cells of the pancreas that secrete pancreatic juice .. The altered and converted into beta cells, which succeeded in the secretion of insulin!!! But this modification and conversion of cells are still in the process of research .. Though this technique is successful and used in humans!! It will be a revolution in the field of medicine .. We hope to succeed this technique!! 
Note: Some believe that anti objects (Antibodies) against beta cells .. Are causative in Type I diabetes ..   This, in fact, wrong concept   .. It is true that there are special types of antibodies against beta cells in the blood of infected with Type I diabetes .. But not the cause of diabetes .. Reason in Type I diabetes is disordering experienced T-lymphocytes as previously explained .. As for antibodies .. They are produced after the crash to begin the process of beta cells .. And that also made ​​it clear that it (the crash) spoke slowly and last a long time before the appearance of symptoms of diabetes .. This means that antibodies produced .. As a result of the crash of beta cells ..Then you are also a negative role in increasing the crash of beta cells.?!. 
So I kind of diabetes is a disease mostly occurs in young or without Thirty years .. It is caused by the ability of the pancreas to secrete the hormone insulin .. And as a result of the crash beta cells that secrete this hormone in the islets of Langerhans pancreas. 
Type I diabetes has no cure .. However, the scientific progress in the possibility of self-measuring blood sugar and the different ways to give insulin and good varieties of existing insulin ... Made can people with Type I diabetes and who take their treatment and follow well to control diabetes .. They can live for a long time and in good health! 
Prevention of diabetes type 1:   In fact researchers could not find an effective way to prevent diabetes type -1. .. However, attempts are still going on.