Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Chronic complications of diabetes type I.. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Disturbance in the function of the nerves. Diabetic kidney. Skin problems and gums, eyes and feet

Chronic complications of diabetes type I appear slowly .. But whenever the diagnosis ..Early with no interest in him and not treated in a serious manner and correct .. The incidence of chronic complications rates will be more ... Which threatens public health and dangerous to a person's life ... And chronic complications mission is: 
● heart disease and blood vessels:. Diabetes increases the likelihood of heart disease and blood vessels, such as deficiencies in the coronary arteries that supply the heart, leading to chest pain or what is known as angina pectoris.
As well as the likelihood of heart attack, stroke, and blockage in the arteries due to atherosclerosis, as well as the probability of developing high blood pressure. In fact, about 75% of people with diabetes have heart disease and LED device is the leading cause of death for people with diabetes. This, according to statistics the American Heart Association. 
● disturbance in the function of nerves:. Excess sugar in the blood can lead to corruption lining of the arteries different including the capillaries minute that feed in the neural network or nerves different in different parts of the body which leads to disorder in the function of the nerve that wounded twice in the capillaries that feed it ... And nerves the most vulnerable to these problems is the peripheral nerves .. Especially the lower limbs .. I mean legs and feet .. which leads to feeling numb or burning or pain .. That usually appear in the legs or fingers fingers .. In a few months begin to spread to include leg and forearm .. And so on .. To top .. If we do not treat this case, the patient may lose sense of feeling in the affected parties .. If the nerves affected by diabetes are the nerves that feed in the stomach and esophagus and intestines were infected human weakness in digestion and blood sugar disorder which leads to difficulty in controlling it. 
● diabetic kidney:. Kidneys contain millions of capillaries through which the kidneys filter the blood of toxins and products of digestion processes that are in excess of the body ..Diabetes affects negatively on this fine capillaries .. Which leads to the loss of albumin in the urine at abnormal rates, and over time trouble in renal function .. And kidney failure ..Which leads to the need for dialysis or a kidney transplant .. All. 
● eye problems:. Diabetes also causes the blood disorder that nourish the retina and for stages (four stages) before these complications lead to big problems .. Such as the loss of sight .. 
● Foot problems:. Disorder and nerve function as well as poor circulation of the lower limbs causing increased complications that affect the feet, Fujb take care of everything that affects the legs of sores or wounds do not even develop into infections, and if not addressed these infections, they may develop and turn into Algrgarena which result in amputation. 
● skin problems and gums:. Diabetes causes increased inflammation in general .. As well as skin infections .. Such as Bakthreh infections and fungal infections .. The gum inflammation is one of the important complications of diabetes, especially if you do not care to clean the mouth and teeth. 
● Osteoporosis:. Diabetes mellitus diseases caused by lack of material mineral density of bones .. Which leads to increase the proportion of bone fractures for people with diabetes.