Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Defects and insulin pump features.. Do not cause increases in extreme high and decreases blood sugar

● Pump you inject insulin throughout the twenty-four hours, and do not cause increases in extreme high and decreases the blood sugar.
● You inject insulin healthiest and most accurate way of using syringes.
● Of course, the least number of times injection, then you need to syringe (to install the pipe) and one every three days, compared to 15 - 18 injections in three days for users of multiple insulin injections.
● When a patient with diabetes in learning how to calculate the dose of insulin, this makes him live better and enjoy more freedom in eating (relatively .. Watch out). 
● Of course a pH Ketone result of a defect in the pump is an important concern and the user of the pump prone to this problem .. But if the patient has diabetes self-analysis work for blood sugar well, as well as interested in educating himself, the incidence of these complications will be reduced significantly. 
● Of course the pump exists throughout the day and always with you .. This will remind you always, and people around you will be remembered .. You .. Diabetic.?!! 
● Price pump and accessories are very expensive.