Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Diabetes By rose Cletazon known Avandia

Avandia is the brand name for the drug Alrose Cletazon (Rosiglitazone) It belongs to a group of T-Z de (TZD). 
Now let's talk only on rose Cletazon (Rosiglitazone) and known Avandia .... in the middle of the year 2007 published research in the renowned medical journal .. neo England Journal (NEJM) ... This research indicated that those who ate in Avandia. Susceptible to heart attack increase   Convergence of 42% who did not take this medicine. This research caused uproar still resonate now.
The controversy raised by this research may not end until after the end of the year 2009, where there is ongoing research for years. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2009 ... and dealing with the knowledge of Influence of this drug on the heart and circulatory system ... This research may be the final judgment on this medicine may come to the mind of the reader why wait until the end of 2009 .. Not enough research that I mentioned ... I mean, which was published in the Journal (NEJM) in mid-2007, which pointed out that there was an increase by 42% from a heart attack in the truth in the field of medicine there are several ways to research ... The power of search results ..Rely too much reliance on the search method .. The research, published in the Journal (NEJM) of strong research ... The type of research is dead - Onalesas (Metanalysis) ..Given the strength of search .. It aroused great Tothira medical center, .. And of course the media ... Which led to that most patients taking this drug .. expressed dismay ..Vatsaloa doctors supervisors .. To see what the decision regarding this medication .. They asked their doctors that they change their medication ... of course it is not that easy ...Because most doctors aware of the quality of this research ... A meta - Analysys (Metanalysis) ... In fact .. It is true that a strong research ... But all research results that we get from the (Matanalesas) .. The results of Virtual ... What is the meaning of this ...This means that the research referred to and which was published in the Journal (NEJM) ..Indicates that Avandia ... Maybe ... I say maybe   .. Leads to increased heart attack .. So let this hypothesis .. To make sure that you must be supporting this hypothesis another kind of research so sure or refute this hypothesis ... And there is no search will end with the end of 2009 ... This research of a kind research   RCT   This means that the results of this research specifically on this point   Facts will be   ... And not assumptions .. But now what with Avandia .. And until the end of 2009 .. What should a doctor do? 
▪ If the patient is not used in treat Avandia a need another drug for the treatment of diabetes   Or that it has been newly diagnosed .... Will I a Avandia description. 
▪ If the patient takes in medicine Avandia .. The control blood sugar   No-good   .. And I wanted to amend the drugs ... I'll stop give Avandia ... and replace it with other therapeutic policy. 
▪ If the patient takes in medicine Avandia .. The control blood sugar   Good   .. In fact, a difficult decision here ... But I'm going to continue to give medication Avandia .. With inform the patient of the above information ... The patient may join me and thus help me in making the final decision. 
Note: one of the most important indicators of good control of diabetes is the value of cumulative analysis of hemoglobin blood sugar   A1c   The goal is to hemoglobin   A1c   Less than 7%.