Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Diabetes prevention of stroke.. High blood pressure. Obesity. High cholesterol. Genetics. Medical history

Stroke is the third reason in the death of human beings in America. Stroke results from a disorder of the blood circulation in cerebrovascular nutrients to the brain, which leads either to the person or paralysis to the death of brain cells and if these disturbances in sensitive areas may lead to coma or death. 
Once a person is infected with diabetes, it is prone to stroke from 2 to 4 times more often if   Compared to a non-infected diabetic. So once you learn the factors that help To make you at risk for stroke, and in particular the factors that could do something towards it, you may be able to protect yourself from a stroke, and criticize your life. You can control   In the following factors and protect yourself from stroke: 
▪ Hypertension:   The patient must work on sugar to keep his blood pressure less than 130/80 mm Hg. 
▪ Smoking: Do not smoke, it makes you vulnerable to stroke tongs weakness. 
▪ Obesity: Work to lose weight to reduce the risk of stroke. 
▪ Unhealthy eating: Eating rich in fat and cholesterol and that contains a little bit of vegetables and fruits .. Confuses the public health and expose you for stroke. 
▪ High cholesterol: Remember the figure for cholesterol must keep diabetics to have total cholesterol less than 200 mg / dL, low-fat and cholesterol density (LDL-C) less than 100 mg / dL. 
▪ Lack of exercise: Engage in a sports program and a regular   Reduces the risk of stroke, and remember that sport helps the integrity of the blood vessels. 
Other factors that help stroke   You can not be controlled by   Are: 
▪ Age:   Incidence of stroke increases to double every ten years after that exceed the age of 55 years. 
▪ Genetics: Increase vulnerability to infection stroke if there is one of your relatives may   Sustained. 
▪ Gender:   Men are more at risk for stroke than women. 
▪ Medical history:  If  I got a stroke in the past or heart attack in the past or a temporary disorder in blood circulation to the brain in the past, you are more likely to stroke. 
So let your policy proactive policy of any therapeutic, preventive, and tried to control the factors that you can control, and protect yourself from stroke.